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  Name   Manufacturer Volume Price Quantity
   Testosteron Depo (Testosterone Enanthate) 1ml   Galenika, Beograd 5 amps$ 68.00   


• It reduces body fat ( 72%)


For cutting purposes Boldenone, Masteron and trenbolone are the best options. If you are employing a longer stack, then galenika use 25-50 mg of Winny for 6 weeks or so at the end of the stack. Boldenone is the best match here as the other two galenika do basically the same thing. They act solely or mostly at the androgen receptor. Making them poorer choices since simply upping the dose galenika of Winny would mostly achieve similar results. Of course neither is methylated, which galenika allows for longer use.

Active Life: 14-16 days.

Cialis ® is a treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. This is when a man


cannot get, or keep a hard, erect penis suitable for sexual activity.

Decongestants can cause interactions with galenika Phentermine, you should avoid other drugs that may increase your heart rate. Inform galenika your online physician about any medications that you use. If you take high blood pressure galenika medicine or MAO inhibitors your doctor might not prescribe you Phentermine. Your doctor might chose to put galenika you on a different medication so do your self a favor and let them know about any other types of weight loss medicines you take to help prevent drug interactions.

Oxandrolone causes very light


virilization symptoms, if at all. This characteristic makes Anavar a favored remedy for female athletes since, at a daily dose of 10-15 galenika mg., masculinizing symptoms are observed only rarely.

Clomid is a mixed estrogen agonist/antagonist galenika (activator/blocker) which, when bound to the estrogen receptor, puts it in a somewhat different conformation (shape) galenika than does estradiol. The estrogen receptor requires binding of an estrogen or drug at its binding galenika site and also the binding of any of several cofactors at different sites. Without the binding of the cofactor, the estrogen receptor is inactive. Different


tissues use different cofactors. Some of these cofactors are able to bind to the estrogen receptor/Clomid galenika complex, but others are blocked due to the change in shape. The result is that in some tissues Clomid acts as an antagonist - the cofactor galenika used in that tissue cannot bind and so the receptor remains inactive - and in others Clomid acts as an agonist (activator), because the cofactors used galenika in that tissue are able to bind.

Testosterone is also a relatively safe steroid galenika to use, with some studies showing no adverse effects from 20weeks at 600mgs/week! (3)Personally, I have used up to 2


grams per week of various testosterones but now I prefer to keep my dose of it around ? a gram. galenika

Normally nerves or blood vessels in men with male erectile dysfunction do not work galenika properly, which prevents them from achieving an erection. Viagra works to restore the galenika blood flow to the penis making it easier to achieve and sustain longer erections.

Testosteron Enantat causes strength galenika and energy increase and the feeling of well being with a lot shorter recuperation times, galenika it is usually used as a part of bulking cycles and works especially good in a stack with Deca, Sustanon, Dianabol and



After a cycle, mainly due to the high aromatization and increased levels of estradiol in the blood galenika after discontinuing, natural testosterone levels will be severely suppressed. This means steps need to be taken galenika to assure the quick return of natural testosterone, or we stand to lose a lot of the gains we made while using galenika testosterone. Since it's a non-toxic, potent mass-builder its mostly used in long 10-12 week cycles. So some testicular shrinkage will have galenika occurred too. Its very important that people see that HCG and Nolvadex/clomid are essential as a post-cycle therapy, and that both

are equally important in achieving our goal. HCG injections should be started the last week of the cycle and continued galenika for 3-4 weeks, using 1500-3000 IU every 5-6 days. HCG will act as an alternative to LH and start the endogenous testosterone cycle, thereby increasing galenika testicle size once again. Then about 2 weeks after the last shot of testosterone is given, galenika Nolvadex/Clomid cycle should be started. 40 mg of Nolva or 150 mg of Clomid per day for two weeks, followed by two more weeks with either 20 mg galenika of Nolva or 100 mg of Clomid per day should be adequate. Always remember that HCG is suppressive of natural
testosterone itself and should be discontinued at least 2 weeks prior to finishing galenika Nolvadex/Clomid.

Andriol testocaps are capsules of Testosterone Undeconoato, an orally active testosterone preperation that galenika helps users gain muscle mass.

Clomid, at recommended dosages, is generally well tolerated. galenika Adverse reactions are usually mild and transient and most disappear promptly after treatment is discontinued. galenika

All versions of Upjohn and Steris in multi-dose vials should be looked at with extreme caution as they are very difficult to get on the black market. Counterfeits


are quite easy to obtain.

With a low body fat content Halotestin gives the bodybuilder galenika a distinctive muscle hardness and sharpness. Although the muscle diameter does not increase, it appears more massive since galenika the muscle density is improved. The fact that daily dose of up to 20 mg does not cause water and salt retention galenika makes it even more desirable. During a diet, it helps the athlete get through difficult, intense training while galenika increasing the aggressiveness of many users. This is another reason why Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) is so popular among powerlifters, weightlifters, football players,


and, in particular, boxers. The generally observed dose is normally 20-40 mg/day. Bodybuilders are usually satisfied with 20-30 mg/day while galenika powerlifters often take 40 mg/day or more. The daily dosage of Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) galenika is usually split into two equal amounts and taken mornings and evenings with plenty of fluids. Since the tablets are galenika l7-alpha alkylated, they can be taken during meals without any loss in effect. Those who are tired of taking Dianabol (methandrostenolone) tablets will find fluoxymesterone an interesting alternative. In the meantime we know several bodybuilders who have combined
this steroid with injectable, mostly anabolic, steroid preparations such as Anadrol, Deca-Durabolin, Primobolan Depot, or Equipoise. galenika The quick strength gain induced by Halotestin can usually be turned into solid, high-quality muscle tissue galenika by taking the above steroids. This is an especially welcome change for athletes who easily retain water and have galenika to fight against swollen breast glands. Many will be surprised at what progress can be achieved galenika by a simple combination of 30 mg/day and 700 mg Equipoise every two days over a four week period. Halotestin side effects Besides Anadrol (oxymetholone) and Methyltestostcrone


it is the oral steroid with the most side effects. Those who would like to try Halotestin should limit the intake to 4- 6 weeks and take no more than galenika 20-30 mg daily. Fluoxymesterone puts extremely high stress on the liver and is thus potentially liver damaging. Other frequently-observed galenika side effects are increased production of the sebaceous gland (which goes hand in hand with acne), nasal bleeding, headaches, galenika gastrointestinal pain, and reduced production of the body's own hormones. Men who tries this steroid become easily irritable and aggressive. Gynecomastia and high blood pressure caused


by edemas do not occur with Halotestin.

by Bill Roberts - Clomid is the anti-estrogen galenika of choice for improving recovery of natural testosterone production after a cycle, galenika improving testosterone production of endurance athletes, and is also effective in reducing risk of gynecomastia during a cycle employing aromatizable galenika steroids.

The administration of valproic acid to patients receiving diazepam can cause an increase in diazepam galenika serum concentrations and a concurrent increase in absence seizures. This interaction appears to be the result of inhibited metabolism of diazepam during concurrent

use. If absence seizures increase in patients receiving these medications, an alternative anticonvulsant galenika should be instituted.

    Androgenic: Anabolic Ratio:N/A

galenika Viagra increases the blood flow to the penis by helping the arteries in the penis relax and expand. As the arteries in the penis expand and galenika harden, veins that normally carry away blood flow to the penis are compressed resulting in an erection.

Timing of galenika insulin administration in relation to food intake and exercise;

Don't use a medium or long acting insulin in the middle

or latter part of the day, as you may very well experience a hypoglycemic attack whilst you are asleep. If this happens, neither you galenika nor anyone else will be aware of or able to respond to your urgent need for glucose, in galenika order to prevent possible serious harm.

Primobol-100 (Methenolone Enanthate) may be taken galenika by both Men and Women. Dosages for men are 100-300 mg/week, Women 1/2 dosage. Primobol-100 (Methenolone Enanthate) is the only galenika steroid that works well on a low calorie diet. Effective for bulking, but tends to harden and add muscle tone more that build big muscles.

  • an
    alcohol or drug abuse problem
  • depression
  • kidney or liver disease
  • lung disease or breathing difficulties galenika
  • myasthenia gravis
  • psychosis
  • shock, or coma
  • sleep disturbance or shortness of breath
  • suicidal galenika thoughts
  • an unusual or allergic reaction to diazepam, other benzodiazepines, foods, dyes, or preservatives
  • pregnant galenika or trying to get pregnant
  • breast-feeding

This drug is a potent nonsteroidal anti-estrogen. It is indicated for use in estrogen dependent tumors, i.e. breast cancer. Steroid


users take Nolvadex C&K to prevent the effects of estrogen in the body. This estrogen is most often galenika the result of aromatizing steroids. Nolvadex C&K can aid in preventing edema, gynecomastia, and female pattern fat distribution, all galenika of which might occur when a man's estrogen levels are too high. Also, these effects can occur when androgen levels are too low, galenika making estrogen the predominant hormone. This can occur when endogenous androgens have been suppressed by the prolonged use of exogenous steroids. Nolvadex C&K works by competitively binding to target estrogen sites like those at the breast.

Always take Cialis ® exactly as your doctor has instructed you. You should galenika check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure.

The writer would galenika caution against users falling into the trap of thinking: "If 20 units is good, 40 units will galenika be twice as good" or "Joe says he injected 20 units and it didn't affect him, so it will be galenika safe for me to inject 30 or 40 units". All drugs have a therapeutic dose range and above this, may be toxic or even galenika lethal. If you are not diabetic, your body does not require additional insulin and there is no therapeutic range

for you. In addition, people are different and often respond differently to drugs. An individual may also respond differently to the same drug galenika in the same dose at different times, depending on a wide range of factors such as their general galenika health, alcohol or other drugs taken, food eaten, exercise undertaken before, during or after drug administration and so on.

Drug galenika abuse or dependence (or history of) — Dependence on benzodiazepines may be more likely to develop

Health problems, galenika such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, have improved with extended use of

Xenical diet pills. Xenical should still be taken with a low fat diet program and fat intake should be split evenly between the 3 daily meals. galenika With regular use, Xenical diet pills help achieve weight loss, maintain your weight loss and minimize any weight regain.

If you are going galenika to use insulin, it is essential that you have a friend or peer observer remain with you in case you experience problems. This galenika person really needs to be with you for the whole time while the insulin preparation used is working.

Older adults — Most of the side effects of these medicines are more likely


to occur in the elderly, who are usually more sensitive to the effects of benzodiazepines.

Humilin galenika R should be injected subcutaneously only with a U-100 insulin syringe. Insulin syringes are available without a prescription in many states. If the athlete galenika can not purchase the syringes at a pharmacy, he can mail order them or buy them on the black galenika market. Using a syringe other than a U-100 is dangerous since it will be difficult to measure out the correct dosage. galenika Subcutaneous insulin injections are usually given by pinching a fold of skin in the abdomen area. To speed up the effect of the insulin,


many athletes will inject their dose into the thigh or triceps.

Cialis ® comes as galenika yellow film-coated tablets. They are in the shape of almonds and have "C 20" marked on one side. These tablets are available galenika in blister packs containing 2, 4 or 8 tablets.

Delivery: price for a one ampule, 250 mg.

Luckily, the synthetic recombinant galenika versions were approved by the FDA a short time afterwards. These versions were developed after years of experiments with amino acid chains. galenika The first of these versions was patented and produced by Genentech Labs with the brand


name Protropin. A short time later, another form of synthetic Growth Hormone gained FDA approval. It was produced by Eli Lilly Labs and galenika brand named Humatrope.

This description was taken directly from Brian Raupp's Anabolix Research galenika page since this drug is so dangerous and his description is by far the most comprehensive that I have found on the internet.

galenika If your symptoms do not improve or if they become worse, check with your doctor. Do not share this medicine with others galenika for whom it was not prescribed, since they may have a problem that is not effectively treated with this medicine,

or they may have a condition that is complicated by this medicine.

Liver Toxic: galenika Very

Testosterone enanthate is currently the most popular ester of testosterone galenika available to athletes. Unlike cypionate, enanthate is manufactured by various companies galenika all over the world. Ampules of Testoviron from Schering are probably the most popular although galenika many others exist. Enanthate is a long acting testosterone similar to cypionate. Injections are taken once weekly. It remains the number galenika one product for serious growth, every serious bodybuilder took it at least once usualy it is stacked


with deca durabolin and dianabol.Testosterone Enanthate has very strong anabolic effects as well as strong androgenic side effects. Being an injectable galenika testosterone, liver values are generally not elevated much by this product.

Phentermine Warnings

While Rohypnol has become galenika widely known for its use as a date-rape drug, it is abused more frequently for other reasons. It is abused by galenika high school students, college students, street gang members, rave party attendees, and heroin and cocaine abusers to produce profound intoxication, boost the high of heroin, and modulate the effects of

cocaine. Rohypnol is usually consumed orally, is often combined with alcohol, and is galenika abused by crushing tablets and snorting the powder. Rohypnol abuse causes a number of adverse effects galenika in the abuser, including drowsiness, dizziness, loss of motor control, lack of coordination, slurred speech, confusion, and gastrointestinal disturbances, galenika lasting 12 or more hours. Higher doses produce respiratory depression.

Roaccutane is teratogenic galenika which means it is likely to damage an unborn baby. It may also increase the risk of miscarriage.

Of course testosterone Enanthate can be stacked with


any number of compounds apart from these, but these make the best match. When stacking with testosterone, one needs to look at what the other compound galenika can bring. Either it has a characteristic that testosterone doesn't have, or its nominally safer. The galenika testosterone will bring all the mass, so adding another steroid to enhance mass alone, galenika is futile. More testosterone is the best remedy for that.

IGF-1 also acts as an endocrine galenika growth factor having an anabolic effect on distant tissues once released into the blood stream by the liver. IGF-1 possesses the insulin-like property of inhibiting degradation,


but in addition can stimulate protein synthesis. The insulin-like effects are probably due to the similarity of the signaling pathways between galenika insulin and IGF-1 following ligand binding at the receptors.

Testosterone Propionate

IGF stands for insulin-like galenika growth factor. It is a natural substance that is produced in the human body and is at galenika its highest natural levels during puberty. During puberty IGF is the most responsible for the natural muscle galenika growth that occurs during these few years. There are many different things that IGF does in the human body; I will only mention


the points that would be important for physical enhancement. Among the effects the most positive are increased amino acid transport to galenika cells, increased glucose transport, increased protein synthesis, decreased protein degradation, and increased RNA synthesis. galenika

It is interesting to note that Anadrol 50 does exhibit some tendency to convert to dihydrotestosterone, although this does not occur via galenika the 5-alpha reductase enzyme (responsible for altering testosterone to form DHT) as it is already a dihydrotestosterone based steroid. Aside from the added c-17 alpha alkylation (discussed below), oxymetholone

differs from DHT only by the addition of a 2-hydroxymethylene group. This grouping can be removed metabolically however, reducing oxymetholone galenika to the potent androgen l7alpha-methyl dihydrotestosterone (mesterolone; methyldihydrotestosterone)~. There is little doubt that galenika this biotransformation contributes at least at some level to the androgenic nature of this steroid, galenika especially when we note that in its initial state Anadrol 50 has a notably low binding affinity for the androgen receptor. So although we have the option of using the reductase inhibitor finasteride (see: Proscar) to reduce the androgenic


nature of testosterone, it offers us no benefit with Anadrol 50 as this enzyme is not involved.

galenika If you forget to use it:

Generic Name: methenolone enanthate

Each 10 ml multidose vial contains 75mg per ml. Vials have galenika a white coloured generic flip-off top.

Proviron© is also not a c17 alpha alkylated compound, galenika an alteration commonly used with oral anabolic/androgenic steroids. Not using this structure in the case galenika of Proviron© removes the notable risk of liver toxicity we normally associate with oral dosing. We therefore consider this a "safe" oral, the

user having no need to worry about serious complications with use. This steroid in fact utilizes the galenika same 1-methylation we see present on Primobolan© (methenolone), another well tolerated orally active compound. Alkylation at the one position galenika also slows metabolism of the steroid during the first pass, although much less profoundly than galenika 17 alpha alkylation. Likewise Proviron© and Primobolan© are resistant enough to breakdown galenika to allow therapeutically beneficial blood levels to be achieved, although the overall bioavailability of these compounds is still much lower than methylated oral steroids.


Additional: HCG/Pregnyl

In bodybuilding and powerlifting Omnadren is exclusively used to build up strength and mass. The galenika term "mass buildup" can be taken quite literally by the reader since the gain is not always the way expected by its user. In most athletes Omnadren galenika leads to quite a rapid and pronounced increase in body weight, which usually goes hand in hand with a strong water retention. galenika This results in watery and puffy muscles. Those who take "Omna" can often be recognized by this extreme water retention. The often-used term in Europe, "Omna skull," does not come from nowhere but because

a fast and well-visible water retention occurs also in the face which is noticeable on checks, on the front of the face, and under the eyes. Some mockingly galenika also talk about a hydrocephalus... The pronounced androgenic component of Omnadren goes hand in hand with a high anabolic effect which galenika manifests itself in a high strength gain characterized by a liquid accumulation in the joints, an increased pump effect, increased appetite, and galenika a possible improved regeneration of the athlete.

Xenical (Orlistat)

Athletes like to use Nolvadex C&K at the end of a steroid cycle since it increases


the body's own testosterone production.


In order to gain mass fast Sustanon is often combined with Deca Durabolin, galenika Dianabol (D-bol) or Anadrol while athletes who are more into quality prefer combining it with Parabolan, Winstrol, Anavar or Primobolan galenika Depot.

HGH Basics

The popularity of Provironum© amongst bodybuilders has galenika been increasing in recent years. Many experienced bodybuilders have in fact come to swear by it, incorporating it effectively in most markedly estrogenic cycles. Due to high demand Provironum© is now very easy to obtain

on the black market. Most versions will be manufactured by Schering. In many instances this item is obtained galenika via mail order, and here can sell for less than .50 per tab. This drug is packaged in both push-through strips galenika and small glass vials, so do not let this alarm you. There is currently no need to worry about authenticity with galenika this drug, as no counterfeits are known to exist. If money and availability does not prevent it, Arimidex© is galenika actually a much better choice than Provironum© though. This drug was designed specifically as an antiaromatase, and works much more effectively than anything else we have


available. Since this item is extremely expensive however, Nolvadex© and Provironum© will no doubt galenika remain to be the "standard" antiestrogen regimen among athletes.

If testosterone is the most powerful mass builder, galenika then gram for gram this is the most powerful testosterone. Suspension is pure testosterone and has no ester attached, and thus no galenika ester calculated in the weight. Where 100 mg of a testosterone ester equals 100 mg minus the weight of the ester, 100 mg of testosterone galenika suspension contains an actual 100 mg of the steroid. Very potent and very powerful. Although it is a rather crude compound,

it is without a doubt very, very effective. Suspension is not only not esterified, its galenika not even dissolved in oil the way esters are. Instead it is an aqueous suspension, much like the injectable forms of Winstrol/Stromba galenika (stanazolol). Since a steroid, made of cholesterol, is somewhat lipophillic, it does not readily dissolve in water either. galenika Just as with Winstrol, we will note that the steroid accumulates at the bottom, separated from its water environment galenika if the vial is left sitting for a while. So before use a vial should be shaken, which will provide an even distribution, and then drawn out of
the vial. It probably couldn't hurt to shake the syringe again before injecting as well. galenika

In May 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that tadalafil (along with other PDE5 inhibitors) could lead to vision impairment galenika in certain patient groups, including diabetics. An investigation is currently ongoing.


As galenika with all testosterone injectables, one can expect a considerable gain in muscle mass and strength during a cycle. Since testosterone has a notably high affinity for estrogen conversion, the mass gained from this drug is likely to be accompanied by

a discernible level of water retention. The resulting loss of definition of course galenika makes Testosterone cypionate a very poor choice for dieting or cutting phases. The excess level galenika of estrogen brought about by this drug can also cause one to develop gynecomastia rather quickly. Should the user notice an uncomfortable soreness, swelling galenika or lump under the nipple, an ancillary drug like Proviron and/or Nolvadex should probably be added. This will minimize galenika the effect of estrogen greatly, making the steroid much more tolerable to use. The powerful antiaromatase Arimidex is yet a better choice, but the high price


tag prevents it from being more popularly used. Those who have a known sensitivity to estrogen may find it more beneficial galenika to use ancillary drugs like Nolvadex and Proviron from the onset of the cycle, in order to prevent estrogen related side galenika effects before they become apparent.

SIDE EFFECTS, that may go away during treatment, galenika include acne, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. If they continue or are bothersome, check with your doctor. galenika CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you experience yellowing of skin or eyes; dark urine; change in emotions or behavior; (men) frequent or prolonged penis

erections or enlarged breasts; (women) deepening voice, change in menstrual periods, increase galenika in facial hair, or hair loss. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. galenika

/75 /75 /75 /50 /50 /50 /25 /25 /25 mcg/day.

• It improves on wrinkle disappearance (51%)

Formula (ester): galenika C2 H4 O2


Averbol 25 / Dianabol (D-BOL) / Methandrostenlone galenika

Tablets are light orange pentagon shaped tablets, with a score on one side, sealed in bags of 500 tablets.

Who should not


Any variation of that is definitely counterfeit. A running dosage of test cypionate is generally in the range of 200-600mg galenika per week. When this was available for $20 per10ml bottle, many users would take a whopping 2000mg per week. This kind of dosage however, galenika is unsafe, generally not needed and in today's day and age too costly.

Omeprazole can increase the plasma concentrations galenika and the elimination half-life of diazepam, presumably due to inhibition of the hepatic metabolism of diazepam. Although the pharmacodynamics of this interaction are not clear, it is recommended


that patients receiving omeprazole and diazepam concomitantly should be monitored for enhanced diazepam response.

Viagra is a breakthrough galenika treatment that improves a man's response to sexual stimulation. We provide a Impotence simple, galenika secure and confidential way to be evaluated for Viagra®. We bring you the privacy Impotence of an online consultation and an easy, inexpensive galenika Impotence means of obtaining Viagra®.

The above information is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment of your physician, or other healthcare professional. It should not


be construed to indicate that use of Xenical is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. Consult your healthcare professional before using galenika Xenical.

Trenbolone also has the advantage of significantly increasing the level of the hormone IGF-1 (which galenika is highly anabolic) within muscle tissue. (2) Not only does it increase the levels of IGF-1, substantially, galenika it also causes increased sensitivity to it (3). This is true of many steroids, such as Testosterone, galenika and many others. However, if we compare Trenbolone to Testosterone, we additionally see that it¡¯s binding affinity to the androgen

receptor (AR) is significantly stronger (4). Strong androgen receptor binding is galenika a major contributing factor in anabolism as well as fat loss.

It is best to use some kind of birth galenika control while you are taking tamoxifen and for about 2 months after you stop taking Nolvadex. However, do not use oral contraceptives galenika since they may interfere with tamoxifene. Tell your doctor right away if you think you have become pregnant while taking galenika Nolvadex.

Testosterone use does have some unwanted side effects that members should be aware of. Testosterone can convert to the female hormone

estrogen (via aromatization) by the aromatize enzyme. Excessive estrogen can lead to some nasty side effects. Breast tissue growth in men (gynecomastia), galenika fat gain and reduced fat breakdown, loss of sex drive, testicular shrinkage and water retention. galenika Water retention can increase blood pressure weakening blood vessels over a period of time. The use of a class of drugs to stop the galenika testosterone from converting to estrogen called aromatize inhibitors can easily stop the estrogenic side effects. The galenika use of HCG during a testosterone cycle can prevent the testicular shrinkage. Testosterone can also interact
with the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme. This action converts the testosterone to Dihydro-testosterone (DHT), a more androgenic form galenika of the parent hormone. DHT has a high binding affinity to the tissues of the scalp resulting galenika in hair loss in loss in users who suffer from male pattern baldness. DHT can affect the prostate as well, making it swell. This swelling galenika can cause the gland to press against the bladder causing urinary problems. Drugs called 5alpha-reductase inhibitors can galenika prevent these symptoms without blocking testosterone´s anabolic effects.(16) Higher dosages of test can also negatively impact


cholesterol, lowering HDL(17), constantly ignoring this can lead to a series of serious health problems down the road.

 - galenika If you have very high blood fats (cholesterol or triglycerides).

0.4 x pound (body weight) x days=number of tablets to take overall galenika during the interval of intake mg / tablet.

Ephedrine side effects

While using dianabol high blood pressure galenika and a faster heartbeat can occur which may require the intake of an antihypertensive drug.

 - The medicine is likely to pass into your milk and your baby so you must not take Roaccutane

if you are breastfeeding.

Finasteride that is a specific inhibitor of 5a-reductase. Proscar is the enzyme responsible galenika for converting testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The substance can efficiently reduce the serum concentration galenika of DHT, therefore Proscar minimizes the unwanted androgenic effects that result from its presence. The effect of finasteride is quite rapid, suppressing galenika serum DHT concentrations as much as 65% within 24 hours after taking a single 1mg tablet. Medically, galenika Finasteride has been marketed to treat two specific conditions. The first release of Finasteride in the


U.S. was under the brand name of Proscar. It was made for use by patients with benign prostate hyperplasia (prostate enlargement). More recently (December galenika 1997), Finasteride was approved for use as an anti-balding medication. We now have the additional galenika brand name Propecia. Propecia is the same drug but the tablet contains only 115 of the Proscar dosage. Scientists have long believed that galenika DHT was the main culprit in many cases of male hair loss (along with genetic factors), so there was little doubt after the release of Proscar that Finasteride would eventually be used for this purpose. It has provided what
many feel is a breakthrough for men with hair-loss problems.


Flumazenil and benzodiazepines galenika are pharmacological opposites. Flumazenil is specifically used to reverse the actions of benzodiazepines. Clinicians galenika should note that the duration of action for some benzodiazepines may be much longer than that of flumazenil and repeat galenika doses of flumazenil may be necessary.


Always use a sterile galenika needle and syringe every time and a clean injecting technique (e.g. don't touch the needle or the skin where you are going to inject, with


your fingers and don't breathe on or cough over the injection site before or after injecting). galenika

Anapolon is the U.S. brand name for oxymetholone. Anapolon it is a very potent oral androgen. Anapolon was first galenika made available in 1960, by the international drug firm Syntex. Since oxymetholone is quite reliable in its ability to increase red galenika blood cell production (and effect admittedly characteristic of nearly all anabolic/androgenic steroids), galenika showed particular promise in treating cases of severe anemia. For this purpose it turned out to be well suited, and Anapolon was popular for quite some time.


Reductil is a medication prescribed by doctors for the treatment of obesity.

In a mass stack Winny makes a good match for galenika Deca and Nilevar. Whether or not its anti-progestagenic effects are for real or not, lets just say it can't hurt. galenika In any stack with Deca the use of 25-50 mg a day for the first 6-8 weeks of the stack can kickstart it and add some strength. galenika With Nilevar there is a practical objection because it is also 17-alpha alkylated and more toxic than Winny, galenika so your stack would be limited to 6 weeks, which is not overly productive.

An athlete weighing 200 pounds

would take only 4 tablets of 5 mg (20mg/day.) In our experience bodybuilders take 8-10 tablets of galenika 5 mg, that is 40-50 mg/day. Many enthusiastically report good results with this dosage: one builds a solid muscle mass, the strength gain is worthwhile galenika seeing, the water retention is very low, and the estrogen caused side effects are rare. Not without good reason Oral Turanabol galenika is also popular among powerlifters and weightlifters who appreciate these characteristics.

Primobolan galenika depot is a registered trademark of Schering A/G avaiable in 50 mg/cc from Mexico and 100 mg/cc from Europe. It is is the

\"Cleanest and Gentles\" anabolic steroid, will not aromatize, non-toxic, low in androgens.

Oral galenika contraceptives can increase the effects of diazepam because they inhibit oxidative metabolism, thereby increasing serum galenika concentrations of concomitantly administered benzodiazepines that undergo oxidation. Patients receiving oral galenika contraceptive therapy should be observed for evidence of increased response to diazepam. galenika

As the body reaches full maturation, the endogenous levels of GH are substantially diminished. After this, GH is still present in the body but at a substantially


lower level where it continues to aid in protein synthesis, RNA and DNA reactions and the conversion of body fat to energy. By introducing galenika an exogenous source of this hormone, athletes are hoping to promote these effects, causing galenika the body to deposit more muscle tissue while at the same time reducing body fat stores. On paper, galenika GH should work exceptionally well; however, it does not seem to be delivering up to its potential. Most athletes who have experimented with this galenika product end up being disappointed. There is some evidence that exogenous sources of GH are being destroyed by antibodies which appear after
the introduction of the synthetic compound. Although the 191 amino acid sequence versions have been shown galenika to produce less of an antibody reaction, they are still not yielding consistent results. I have speculated as to whether galenika the introduction of exogenous GH would yield an appreciable degree of efficacy simply due to the fact that the body does not have sufficient receptor galenika affinity to GH in the post-teen years.

Ingredient: Clonazepam

Primobolan depot works galenika great when added to a cycle (stacked) with other steroids, it tends to lessen water retention and harshness when stacked

with more heavy duty testosterone injectables, like Omnadren / Sustanon, Cypoinate / Propionate, galenika ect. It is an analog immune-stimulating steroid used by people with Aids and others with depressed immune systems to build up the immune system galenika and add lean muscle mass. Primobolan is one of the finest steroids in the world today.

EPO can be given intra-muscular galenika or intravenously, of course with intravenously it will take effect much faster. With a half-life of 4 to 5 hours long, and when administered intra-muscular galenika half-life will be 12 to 18 hours. So when used medically the dosage is 15-50IU/kg

of body weight, given three times a week.

Irreversible hoarsening of the voice has been seen in some women from very few tablets galenika of Danabol / Dianabol: one per day for a few weeks. For this reason, in the 1960s doctors galenika decided to end what had been a fairly common practice of prescribing this drug at one tab per day to women as a "tonic". It is not galenika a good choice for the woman who chooses to use anabolic steroids.

A galenika starting dose of 25 mg. should be considered individuals of the age 65+ and in individuals with hepatic impairment or severe renal impairment.

If overdose of


anavar is suspected, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately.

The usual starting galenika dose is one 5 g sachet of gel per day. Your doctor or pharmacist will tell you exactly galenika how much to use. You should not use more than 10g of gel per day.

Women who absolutely must use an injectable testosterone should only use galenika this preparation. The Testosterone Propionate dosage schedule should also be more spread out for a female bodybuilder, with injections coming every galenika 5 to 7 days. The dosage obviously would be lower as well, generally in the range of 25 mg to 50 mg per

injection. Androgenic activity should be less pronounced with this schedule, giving blood levels time to sufficiently decrease before the drug galenika is administered again. In order to further reduce any risks, the duration of this galenika cycle should not exceed 8 weeks. Should a stronger anabolic effect be needed, a small amount galenika of Durabolin (Deca-Durabolin if unavailable), Oxandrolone or Winstrol could be added. Of course the risk galenika of noticing virilizing effects from these drugs may increase, even with the addition of a mild anabolic. Since many of the masculinizing side effects of steroid use can be irreversible,
it is very important for the female athlete to monitor the dosage, duration and incidence of side effects very galenika closely.

For men the usual dosage of Winstrol is 15-25mg per day for the tablets and 25-50mg per day galenika with the Winstrol injectable (differences based solely on price and quantity). Stanozolol is often combined with other steroids depending galenika on the desired result. For bulking purposes, a stronger androgen like testosterone, Dianabol galenika or Anadrol is usually added. Here Winstrol will balance out the cycle a bit, and give us good anabolic effect with lower overall estrogenic activity than if


taking such steroids without it. The result should be a considerable gain in new muscle mass, with a more comfortable level of water and galenika fat retention. For contest and dieting phases we could alternately combine Winstrol with a non-aromatizing galenika androgen such as Parabolan or Halotestin. Such combinations should help bring about the strongly defined, hard look galenika of muscularity so sought after among bodybuilders. Older, more sensitive individuals can otherwise addition compounds like Primobolan, Deca galenika Durabolin or Equipoise when wishing to stack Winstrol. Here we should see good results and fewer side effects


than is to be expected with standard androgen therapies.

Children over 12 can use only after puberty.

Clomiphene galenika Citrate (Clomid®): Description

These problems can be solved by combining with a drug that does supply the missing galenika activity: e.g. testosterone.

In the USA dianabol was introduced in the 1960s by Ciba Giegy. galenika The patent expired on the product and this is how a number of rival brands emerged with the same chemical constituents. Dianabol is a brand name and not a chemical name, therefore, any product containing methandienone, is now called dianabol

,even though it may have another brand name, such as Anabol.

As dizziness has been galenika reported in men taking Cialis ® in clinical studies, you should be aware of how you react to Cialis ® before you drive or operate galenika machinery.

Although Sustanon remains active in the body for approximately three weeks, injections are taken at least every galenika 10 days. An effective dosage ranges from 250mg (one ampule) every 10 days, to 1000mg (four ampules) weekly. Some athletes do use more extreme dosages, but this is really not a recommended practice. When the dosage rises above 750-1000mg per week,


increased of Sustanon side effects will no doubt be outweighing additional An benefits. Basically you will receive a galenika poor return on your investment, which with Sustanon can be substantial. Instead of taking unnecessarily galenika large amounts, athletes interested in rapid size and strength will usually opt to galenika addition another compound. For this purpose we find that stacks extremely well with the potent orals Anadrol 50 (oxymetholone) and Dianabol galenika (methandrostenolone). On the other hand, Sustanon may work better with trenbolone or Winstrol (stanozolol) if the athlete were seeking to maintain a harder, more defined


look to his physique.

Perhaps the most interesting and potent effect IGF has on the human body is its ability to cause hyperplasia, galenika which is an actual splitting of cells. Hypertrophy is what occurs during weight training and steroid use, it is simply an increase in the galenika size of muscle cells. See, after puberty you have a set number of muscle cells, and all you are able to do is increase galenika the size of these muscle cells, you don't actually gain more. But, with IGF use you are able to cause this hyperplasia which actually increases the number of muscle cells present in the tissue, and through


weight training and steroid usage you are able to mature these new cells, in other words make galenika them grow and become stronger. So in a way IGF can actually change your genetic capabilities in terms of muscle tissue and cell count. IGF proliferates galenika and differentiates the number of types of cells present. At a genetic level it has the potential to alter an individuals capacity to build galenika superior muscle density and size.

What if I miss a dose?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin):

In general, daily use for three months or more is necessary before benefit is observed. Continued use

is recommended to sustain benefit. If Propecia has not worked in 12 months, it is unlikely galenika to be of benefit.

Effective Dose: 20-50 mg/day.

Andriol, is a unique version of testosterone undecanoate developed by galenika Organon. This version of testosterone is based in oil and is sealed in a capsule to be taken galenika orally. According to the manufacturer, this method bypasses the liver and enters the body as a galenika fat through the lymphatic system. In theory this seems quite interesting, however, athletes find Organon's claims don't hold up well. In doses of less than 240mg per day effects are generally

non-existent. With higher doses, effects are small at best. This leads one to think most of the galenika steroid is not making it to circulation. Generally, steroid users experienced with any strong anabolics will be disappointed galenika with Andriol's results. Combined with other anabolics it may lend some effectiveness but should be questioned.

20 mg codeine phosphate, galenika

The isohexanoate ester in Omnadren is the same, only named differently, galenika as the isocaproate ester in Sustanon. Thus, the hexanoate vs. decanoate difference is the only difference in the mixture of esters.

Testosteron Enantat


is an anabolic steroid with extremely high anabolic and androgenic effects. It is a long acting injectable galenika testosterone and it is active in the body for about three weeks. Testosteron Enantat galenika is currently the most popular testosterone ester available to athletes.

Diazepam is classified as pregnancy galenika category D because it can cause harm to the fetus when administered to pregnant women. Positive evidence of human fetal risk exists based galenika on investigational, marketing, or human studies, but the potential benefit to the mother may outweigh the potential risks to the fetus. Diazepam is distributed


into breast milk and can cause sedation, feeding difficulties, and weight loss in the nursing infant. The use of diazepam galenika during breast-feeding is generally not recommended.

Use clenbuterol with caution galenika in hypersensitive and diabetic individuals and in individuals with latent or clinically recognized angle galenika closure glaucoma, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, prostatic hypertrophy, galenika hyperthyroidism, urinary retention.

HCG Pregnyl information and description galenika

Mastabol 200 Depot combines the fast-acting propionate form with the longer acting enanthate form.


Practical Considerations

by Patrick Arnold - Viagra works by increasing the effects of galenika nitric oxide (NO), a substance that serves many key functions in biological processes throughout the body. One of the most well known and important galenika functions of NO is the dilation of blood vessels. This allows greater blood flow to the muscles, galenika which of course can be valuable to an athlete during competition.

Testosteron 10 mg/ml; Sopharma BG

Is an injectable preparation containing unesterfied testosterone in a water base. Among athletes, testosterone suspension has a

reputation of being an extremely potent injectable, often ranked highest among the testosterones. Very fast acting, testosterone suspension will sustain galenika elevated testosterone levels for only 2-3 days. Athletes will most commonly inject "suspension" daily, at a dosage of 50-100 mg. galenika Although this drug requires frequent injections, it will pass through a needle as fine as a 27 gague insulin. This allows users to galenika hit smaller muscles such as delts for injections. Although this drug is very effective for building muscle mass, its side effects are also very extreme. The testosterone in this compound
will convert to estrogen very quickly, and has a reputation of being the worst testosterone to use galenika when wishing to avoid water bloat. Gynocomastia is also seen very quickly with this drug, and quite often galenika cannot be used without an anti-estrogen. Blood pressure and kidney functions should also be looked at during heavy use. Suspension is not galenika a common drug outside the U.S. and Canada, so with the disappearing "real" American versions, availability has become very scarce. There are galenika currently many fakes being circulated, with real products seen only rarely. Since this is a water based injectable,


I would be very wary of using a counterfeit. It is more likely bacteria would be a problem with water based products galenika and if the fake was not made to laboratory standards (most are not) your health could be at risk.

Many athletes like to use galenika Nolvadex C&K at the end of a steroid cycle since it increases the body's own testosterone production galenika and to prevent estrogenic side effects of taking anabolic steroids.

This medicine is a phosphodiesterase galenika inhibitor used to treat sexual function problems such as impotence or erectile dysfunction. In combination with sexual stimulation, this


medicine works by helping the blood flow into the penis to achieve and maintain an galenika erection. This medicine is not intended for use in women or children. This medicine will not protect against sexually transmitted galenika diseases including HIV infection. Use "safe sex" practices such as latex condoms.

Danabol / Dianabol is an orally galenika applicable steroid with a great effect on the protein metabolism. Danabol / Dianabol has a very strong anabolic and androgenic effect galenika giving a great buildup of strength and muscle mass in its users.

Testosterone is the prime male androgen in the body,

and as such still the best possible mass builder in the world. It has a high risk of side-effects because it readily converts galenika to a more androgenic form (DHT) in androgen responsive tissues and forms estrogen quite easily. But these characteristics galenika also provide it with its extreme anabolic tendencies. On the one hand estrogen increases growth hormone output, glucose utilization, improves galenika immunity and upgrades the androgen receptor, while on the other hand a testosterone/DHT combination is extremely potent at activating the androgen receptor and eliciting major strength and size gains. While not always
the most visually appealing result, there is no steroid on earth that packs on mass like testosterone galenika does.

Discontinue use of Xenical beyond 6 months only if weight loss is greater than 10% from the start of treatment.

    Effective galenika dose: (Men)20-100mgs/day (or .125mg/kg~bdywt); (Women)

Acne: Yes, in higher dosages or sensitive individuals


Clenbuterol is attractive for its pronounced thermogenic effects as well as mild anabolic properties.

Used in high amounts can cause an adverse effect complicating matters and


the gains of the cycle could diminish slightly

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galenika Product Name:   Testosteron Depo
galenika Content:   1ml, 5 amps, 250mg/ml
galenika Manufacturer:   Galenika, Beograd
galenika Pharmaceutical Name:   Testosteron Depo
galenika Chemical Name:   Testosterone Enanthate

galenika Product Description

Delivery: price for a one ampule, 250 mg.

Testosteron Enantat is an anabolic steroid with extremely high anabolic and androgenic effects. It is a long acting injectable testosterone and it is active in the body for about three weeks. Testosteron Enantat is currently the most popular testosterone ester available to athletes.

Testosterone is still number one steroid for building mass and can help anyone to within a short time increase his strength and weight. It aromatises in high dosages therefore, it is wise to use it with antiestrogens such as Proviron, Nolvadex or Arimidex. Most people will experience water retention which can be also minimized with antiestrogen products. Gynocomastia and water retention are the most common side effects and should be watched for. Being an injectable testosterone, liver values are generally not elevated much by this product. The typical side effects can include nausea, acne, excitation or increased aggressiveness, chills, hypertension, increase in libido. Users often report less gyno trouble, lower water retention and commonly claim to be harder on it than with the others.

Testosteron Enantat causes strength and energy increase and the feeling of well being with a lot shorter recuperation times, it is usually used as a part of bulking cycles and works especially good in a stack with Deca, Sustanon, Dianabol and Anadrol.

Usage: 250 mg - 1000 mg weekly.

  Name   Manufacturer Volume Price Quantity
   Testosteron Depo (Testosterone Enanthate) 1ml   Galenika, Beograd 5 amps$ 68.00   


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